Customer Testimonial's

Dear Elimadent,

I just want to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did fixing my Toyota corolla. The body shop wanted my car for a week and charge me 1000.00 dollars. So I gave elimadent a call. You were very polite and courteous over the phone as well as in person. The next day you arrived at my work and my dent was fixed in 2 hours for 350.00. I can't thank you enough. John.

Dear Elimadent,

I want to let everyone down at elimadent know how grateful I am for the professional service I received. I took my car to another paintless dent company which told me they could only improve the damage at best. They also said something about drilling a hole in the side of my door. My vehicle was an Acura TL lease return and the dealer wanted to charge me 750.00. I received next day service from you at a price of 250.00. My service writer was amazed when I told him it was fixed with pdr. Thank You. Sandy.

Dear Elimadent,

I am writing Elimadent to tell you how grateful I am for the service I received on my hail damaged Mercedes. It was such a hassle dealing with my insurance company and body shops. My insurance company sent me to their preferred repair facility that was backed up for 3 months. You guys handled every aspect of my claims process and had my car scheduled and repaired in a week. Thank you all very much. Diana.

Elim A Dent Response's


You are very welcome and im glad you are satisfied with the service and quality of repair. This was a case of a very large dent that looked much worse then it really was. The dent was very big but over a wide open area which allowed for the majority of it to pop. Other companies would have tried to take advantage of such a situation and charge only slightly less then a body shop if they would be willing to take on this type of damage at all. Before and After pictures can be found in the gallery section.


I remember your vehicle very well. You had a limited amount of time before your lease was up and the dealer wanted to charge you a lot of money. This was border line body shop damage. We had agreed that I would do my best and if I couldn’t fix the dent to the very high standards of the lease inspection that I wouldn’t charge you a cent for my time. I’m very happy that everything turned out well for you and thank you very much for the referral.


Thank you for the encouraging words. I’m very happy that we were able to make your life a little easer during some troubled times. This is a very common scenario where insurance companies will try to send a customer to their DRP (direct repair program) which in turn saves them money. This usually results in longer wait time for repairs and in some cases can lead to shops cutting corners to make up for the profit loss.

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